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We are the SEO company Cape Town businesses rely on for optimal online results. We are results driven which is why we work, breathe, eat, sleep and love SEO! Our company consists of technically astute and commercially savvy team members who not only understand your business but want to elevate it online. We want your business to be found online because that makes us look good in return!

Online SEO is a brand belonging to Cape Business Online, an unrivalled SEO company Cape Town brands rely on to increase organic and paid for traffic to their website. We focus primarily on organic traffic as this allows a business to target their content to better suit specific search queries.

Our team has a combined experience figure of 88 years which means your business is in the best and very capable hands of Online SEO! Our offering extends beyond SEO, we offer a full-service digital marketing experience depending on the package you choose.

Solutions in SEO

What makes us
so good at what we do?

We work towards ranking your service, product, or business in the top search engine result pages on Google, that is our business, so you can thrive at yours! Besides this valuable marketing service, we have various benefits that make us good at what we do.
  • Results driven
  • Ethical SEO practices
  • Honest and transparent
  • Hardworking
  • Professional client management
  • Client support
  • Critical thinkers
  • We rely on proven strategies to operate
  • Affordable packages
  • Loyal clients who annually renew their packages with us
Online SEO takes the time to understand and connect with our clients, this way we can do our business better which in turn serves your business better. We aim to provide top-notch services which result in better organic traffic and conversions.

The best way to SEO

The best way to SEO your website is to approach the project from various sides which ensure that you have the best competitive edge online. If online visibility is the war, smaller online battles are fought. Paying attention to not only SEO but the entire digital marketing spectrum, you will win the war and be found online. Not only will you be visible online, you will be found in the online spaces where your customers are. Our SEO process in a nutshell:
seo company cape town
Attracting quality traffic to your website through various platforms solidifies your online presence and thereby boosts your authority online. Through this method, not only is your website ranked better or higher, your leads are of a higher calibre. We do not believe in the spray and pray method of online marketing we rather focus on select platforms that deliver the best leads and best traffic to your website. We can help get visitors to your site.

It should be emphasised that SEO is a long-term strategy, websites take time to rank as there are more than 200 technical factors that determine how Google ranks a website. SEO companies who promise to deliver instant results are either unethical or have no concept on how SEO works. Avoid these companies at all costs!

Finally, we treat all our clients as individuals. Every business has a different brand offering and although the bottom line is what they all have in common, they vary greatly. We adjust our pitch and client approach to suit the specific needs of each client. This personal touch comes standard with each SEO package we offer.