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Need SEO in Cape Town to grow your business? Look no further than us, we are premium lead generation specialists, leveraging organic traffic to your website. In today’s growing digital economy, can you afford not to garner valuable and high-quality leads? With the majority of your consumer base connected and online, you may miss out on valuable leads if your website has not been optimised for search.

It is no longer good enough to have a website as a marketing support feature, websites ARE your business and if your site is optimised well, your business will flourish. Search engine optimisation will take your website from being online, to being found online, by the right audience. How do we achieve this? We use our experience, techniques, and expertise in optimising your website both on and off page in order to rank your website on page one of a search engine. With a solid 17 years of experience in our field, you can be rest assured that we are the best SEO Cape Town company around.

Business growth comes from the marriage of persistence and hard work, something the team at Online SEO embody. Optimising a website to rank well on Google is a long-term investment that requires persistent tweaks and technical fixes on an ongoing basis but the results which are yielded are well worth the money spent.
Business growth comes from the marriage of persistence and hard work

We Live and breathe SEO

and we do it 24/7

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We are well known in the SEO circles in South Africa and we have long-standing clients who trust us to provide them with expert professional services year after year. Our technical knowledge allows us to drive better leads through optimisation techniques both on and off page.

Similarly, we understand that being seen and found online is not only a question of search engine optimisation, SEO is part of an online ecosystem consisting of digital marketing, social media coordination, content creation and online advertising. We offer a holistic approach to lead generation which gives your business the better competitive edge.

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If the end goal of optimisation and online marketing is to appear on page one of Google, then the factors that get you there quicker should be considered as a holistic approach.
Simply, the equation is:
SEO + Social Media + Website Design and Maintenance + Digital Marketing + Online Advertising + Content Creation = Page One Google Search Results Ranking

Online Factors

To get the best in search engine ranking and quality lead generation from organic website traffic, the following online factors should be leveraged at the same time:

Search engine optimisation is the process of fixing or adjusting technical aspects on and off a website that a Google algorithm uses to rank a webpage. These factors determine how well a webpage ranks according to the search query entered by users.

Social Media
Many business owners mistakenly think that social media optimisation and marketing is not necessary. Social signals are an important ranking factor to Google which means that social media platforms are just as important as a good website in the scheme of digital marketing.
Website Design and Maintenance
If your website is not user friendly, indexed properly or responsive, you are fighting a losing battle in ranking. If your website is not primarily built for users, your site will be penalised. Similarly, if your site is not built for SEO, you will not rank either. There is a delicate balance between the two and we know how to find it!
Digital Marketing
Email marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click/PPC are all part of digital marketing. This combined with SEO ensures you business is found online, in the right spaces.
Online Advertising
We own a number of local online advertising platforms, which allow your business to rank well in local search results. If you want to advertise on Google, we can assist you with running your Google Ads too.
Content Creation
Carefully crafted content comes in the form of website copy, digital marketing campaign copy and blog writing. Copywriting runs in our blood, we know what to say, how to say it and how to optimise it.